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Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri
Author of Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum: The Sealed Nectar, When the Moon Split, History of Islam, and History of Makkah / Madinah.

All praise is due to Allah, the Rub of all mankind, Jinn and all that exists. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon our Prophet, the Chief of all Messengers, Muhammad, his family, companions and all those who follow him till the Day of Judgment.

It is about two-decade before when I presented brief outlines on my life to the Muslim World League while compilation and publishing of this book. Since after many changes have taken place therefore, I preferred to update this information.  Name and lineage:

Name: Safiur Rahman
Kunniyat[l]: Abu Hisham.
Lineage: Safiur Rahman bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Akbar bin Muhammad Ali bin Abdul Mumin bin Faqirullah Mubarakpun, Azami.

Date and place of birth:

He was born in the middle of year 1942, in Husainabad, a village, one mile far in the north side of Mubakirpur (District Azamgarh), a town famous for home industry in the northern province of India.

Educational Background:

I started my studies at home reading the Qur'an from my grandfather and uncle. Then I was admitted in Madras a ArabiaDarut-Taleem, Mubarakpur and started basic Islamic education in Arabic and Persian languages.

In Shawwal 1373 H. (June, 1954), I got admission in Madarsa Ehyaul Uloom, Mubarakpur for further education in Islamic studies and Arabic literature. Two years later in Shawwal 1375 H. (May 1956) I joined MadarsaFaid Aam, Maunath Bhanjan District Azamgarh for higher education.

On completion of my seven years study in Islamic courses I received Fadilat Degree from the same Institute in Shaban 1380 H. I also received the Certificates of Maulvi in 1959 and Alim in 1960 from Government Education Board on passing their examinations with high grade. After changes in the system of Arabic Schools, I participated in Fadil Degree examination under the Government Education Board, consequently passed double Fadil examinations in 1976 and 1978 with high grade.

Professional life:

After completion of my studies in Madrasa "Faid-e-Aam" in the year 1961, I began teaching, preaching, lecturing and delivering sermons. But the unfavorable circumstances could not permit me to stay a long time in one place. In March, 1963, I joined Madrasa "Faid-e-Aam" Maunath Bhanjan as a Teacher. Then I transferred to Madarsa "Darul-Hadeeth" in the same city in February 1966. In January 1969, I was appointed as Principal in Madrsa"Faidul-Uloom"atSeoni (M.P.). After four years, in 1972, I was requested to serve in my native Institute "Madrasa Arabia Dar-ut-Taleem as Principal. After spending two years, I was invited by Jamiah Salafiah Banaras to join as teacher (Ustad). I joined there in Shawwal 1394 H. (October 1974) worked in various Sections till Dhul-Hijjah 1408 (July 1988).

A Research Institute was established in 1408 H. In the Islamic University of Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah as "The Center for the Services of the Prophet's Biography". I was selected to work there and was entrusted the duties of preparing encyclopedia on the subject of the life history of the Prophet (S) where I am working as a Scholar to date.

Books and Compilations:

It is the mercy of Allah who favored me and provided me the ability of writing from the very beginning of my career. During my teaching period, I wrote and compiled about seventeen books in Urdu and Arabic languages.

When the monthly Urdu Magazine of Jamiah Salafiyah "Muhaddith" was published in 1980, I was appointed as Chief Editor of the Magazine Section up to September, 1988 until I joined Islamic University at Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. During that period, I wrote a number of essays on Social, Historical, Political and Religious topics which were appreciated by the people. Al-Hamdu Iillah.

"O Our Rubb accept from us with goodly acceptance and seek it grow in a good manner".

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri


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