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Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)
  • Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)
  • Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)

Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)

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$5.10 $6.95
Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)
Fundamentals of Dawah (CD)
$5.10 $6.95

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Subtitle أساسيات الدعوة
Author Bilal Philips
Format Audio CD
Weight (lbs) 0.20

The perfected message of Islam is one of tremendous splendor and enlightenment; it fills the lives of those who grasp it with peace, it gives their souls meaning, and ultimately allows them to prevail through whatever life may toss their way. This message is like a candle that never extinguishes and it is every Muslim's duty to pass the light onto others or participate in "dawah", so that they too can feel the serenity of faith.

In this one of a kind lecture, Dr. Bilal Philips, a perceptive and experienced speaker, illustrates our responsibility in giving dawah, the most effective way to do so, and the great rewards that come with helping others to the truth. After listening, you will be energized in spreading the message to all those around you, be it your coworker or even your next-door neighbor.

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Insha' Allah, new and seasoned muslims alike may benefit from the lecture.


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