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Jahiliyyah (CD)
  • Jahiliyyah (CD)
  • Jahiliyyah (CD)

Jahiliyyah (CD)

Code   MQ28
ISBN     9781591442301 (1591442303)
$5.10 $6.95
Jahiliyyah (CD)
Jahiliyyah (CD)
$5.10 $6.95

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Subtitle الجاهلية
Author Bilal Philips
Format Audio CD
Weight (lbs) 0.20

Over 1400 years ago, the message of Islam came to the Arabian Peninsula at a time known as "Jahiliyyah". This was a time in Arabia where blind-following was rampant, rivalry encouraged, and people's whims and desires ruled their lives. Although the word "Jahiliyyah" is essentially understood to mean ignorance, in the Islamic context, it goes beyond this meaning to express a state when people are not guided in their day to day lives by revelation.

Dr. Bilal Philips explains how the Muslim world today has re-entered such blind-following in a form of "21st Century Jahiliyyah". You will learn the reasons such modern Jahiliyyah has come about, and what we must do to successfully lift ourselves out of this abysmal state to higher realms of awareness.


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