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Al-Mudarris Qur'an Software
  • Al-Mudarris Qur'an Software

Al-Mudarris Qur'an Software

Code   MS15
ISBN     193250256911
Al-Mudarris Qur'an Software
Al-Mudarris Qur'an Software
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Format Software CD

Al-Mudarris Quran Software is designed to help mankind study, memorize, research, and recite the Holy Qur'an. This software is designed for use by people of all ages and academic levels from kids to adults.

It can be used for: basic recitation of the Qur'an; memorizing the verses; reading and learning translation of the meanings in different languages; and researching the Qur'an with additional tools like bookmarks and notes; also verses can be copied and used in your presentation and documents.

* NEW English Audio Translation Plug-In CD now available! You can purchase it together or separately. It will allow you to hear the English audio after the Quran recitation. It is a separate CD which needs to be installed after the full software is installed. If you buy different recitors, you only need 1 plugin CD.

Here is a list of some of the many features:

  • Original Qur'an Arabic script in Naskh style
  • Translations of the meanings in many languages
  • Full Text Search of Translation of The Meanings.
  • Bookmarking verses.
  • Adding Notes to verses.
  • Multi-user interface - Every user can a have username/password, bookmarks, themes, history, notes for verses.
  • Audio Recitation of The Qur'an by the renowned Egyptian reciter Sheikh Mahmoud Siddiq Minshawi or Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy. You can select software CD for either reciter: Minshawy or Efasi.
  • Audio Repetition: repetition of ranges of verse groups, repetition of verses inside group.
  • Copy & Paste functionality for both Arabic and translations word processing software.
  • Creating Multi-view translations (i.e. English-Bosnian-Turkish-Spanish)
  • Free Software Update Subscription

Software that will help you memorize, listen, understand and share the Qur'an with others

Requirements: Windows enabled PC or Mac with Parallels running any Windows operating system, 400 MB of Free disk space, 512 MB of RAM, Internet connection not needed but recommended.


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