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Tawbah: Turning to Allah in Repentance

Every human is susceptible to make mistake. The Qur'an gives them hope and teaches them to ask Allah to take care of them and guide them on the right path. This book deals with a spiritual side of...

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4.9 42

The Way of Prophet Muhammad (S)

In this book the author has pointed out the right way for the Muslims to adopt and remain careful in all the matters which are not in accordance with the way of the Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him.

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Fatawa Islamiyah (Islamic Verdicts)

A collection of Islamic rulings issued by the most renowned scholars of the world. This collection covers all the important topics such as creed, prayers, zakah, tafseer, hadith, marriage, jihad,...

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4.9 42

Minhaj Al-Muslim (2 Vol. Set)

A comprehensive work by the great scholar Abu Bakr Al-Jaza'ri comprising all that concerns a Muslim regarding creed, manners, providing direction for righteous character, acts of worship, and...

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Should a Muslim follow a Particular Madhab?

In this book, the author has widely described the main principle of Taqleed. He says that Allah and Prophet Mohammed (SAW) has not ordered us to follow any opinions and interpretations.

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Islamic Law of Succession

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the whole subject according to the 4 main schools of jurisprudence. The text is in clear and unambiguous terms with highlighted points to understand...

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Singing & Music in Islamic Perspective

This compelling and beautifully researched book clarifies the rulings on singing and music and the harm they inflict on the heart, the individual, the family, and the ummah. It warns Muslims about...

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4.9 42

A Book on Islamic Studies

This book has information that is indispensable for Muslims in their day-to-day life. It is also meant to be a reminder for the students of knowledge and callers to the way of Allah on important...

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4.9 42

Fiqh According to the Qur'an & Sunnah

This book illustrates the many facets of our daily life according the Quran and Sunnah. This book is nicely divided into many sections starting with the Book of Purification and ending with the...

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