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Tawheed for Kids (3 Book Set)

Code   CR06
ISBN     9786030337194
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Tawheed for Kids (3 Book Set)
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Author Yaser Urfan Ahmed Mohammad
Binding Paperback
Pages 60+60+76
Size in Inches 5.5x8.5x0.6
Size in CM 14x21x1.10
Edition 1st (2020)
Format Full Color
Weight (lbs) 0.72

Every Muslim is obligated to know Allaahﷻ, and this book series is the perfect way to teach the kids, the greatest of all obligations: Tawheed!

This Book set is based on the Saudi Arabian Curriculum which is taught in all the primary schools in the KSA. It covers the full series of authentic Islamic knowledge through the primary school ages. It is important for all kids to have knowledge of these matters.

Tawheed (التوحيد) – is to single out Allaah in all types of worship. So, whatever is considered to be worship; An act which is pleasing to Allaahﷻ, in order to get closer to Allaahﷻ, and follow the path that Allaah ﷻ, has commanded His slaves to follow.

So, the Muslim does every action in order to please his Creator, the Sustainer, and the Owner – Allaahﷻ, alone. This is the intention of doing all good deeds. That one does it solely for the sake of Allahﷻ.

The child studying this series will learn:

  • That since Allaah is our Lord (Creator, Provider, Owner) then only HE deserves to be worshipped.
  • The beautiful names and attributes of Allaahﷻ.
  • The natural cycle of life and everything is ultimately controlled by Allaah alone.
  • To love Islam and do good deeds.
  • Logical and scientific explanations which prove that Allaah ﷻ is the Creator.

An easy way, through the use of images, graphics and Quranic Ayaat and Ahadith. Order your copy today and help your child start the journey of seeking the most beneficial of knowledge, the knowledge of Allaah ﷻ, His Names & Attributes, HIS Rights on the creation and HIS favors and blessings upon the creation.

This is an excellent Series for any Islamic weekend school, or those who want to learn and teach their kids from the comfort of their homes.

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