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Take Your Belief from the Quran & Authentic Sunnah

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ISBN     9798397042024
Take Your Belief from the Quran & Authentic Sunnah
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Author Muhammad Ibn Jamil Zaino
Binding Paperback
Pages 89
Size in Inches 8x10x0.25
Size in CM 20.5x25.5x0.55
Edition 1st (2023)
Weight (lbs) 0.48

"Take Your Belief from the Quran & Authentic Sunnah" is an intriguing and canny book that gives perusers a make and exact way to grasp Islam's fundamental standards given the heavenly Quran and the legitimate lessons of the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive).

This book goes about as a guide of information and course in our current reality where data is accessible however deception is as uncontrolled. It plans to eliminate fantasies and ambiguities by offering a dependable hotspot for Muslims and anyone with any interest in Islamic thoughts. No matter what your level of ability, this book endeavors to extend your grip of confidence.

Clarity and Authenticity:

This book is committed to guaranteeing that the perspectives given are immovably founded on the Quran and the Sunnah (the Prophet Muhammad's practices and platitudes). It gives direct, well-informed clarifications that are validated by appropriate Quranic entries and certifiable Hadith (portrayals of the Prophet).

Simplicity and Accessibility:

The writer's composing style is basic and straightforward, making troublesome philosophical subjects comprehensible to a wide crowd. Whether you are new to Islam or a carefully prepared researcher, this book will give you indispensable bits of knowledge.

Comprehensive Coverage:

"Take Your Conviction from the Quran and Valid Sunnah" covers a great many Islamic tenets, including the unity of Allah, God's qualities, the job of prophets, and existence in the wake of death, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It is a finished reference for all areas of Islamic conviction.


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