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Salsabeel - Luxury Perfume Oil (25ml)

Code   G134b
ISBN     6085010040592
$29.95 $39.95
Salsabeel - Luxury Perfume Oil (25ml)
$29.95 $39.95
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Size in Inches 3.5x4.4x2.25
Size in CM 9x11x6
Weight (lbs) 0.60

Salsabeel by Hamidi is known as liquid gold. Oudh notes are dominated by sweet, woody, fruity and floral aromas. The top notes feature a delicate duo of citrus bergamot and mildly bitterly sweet saffron. Roasted almonds are felt in the middle notes, complemented by a thick peach foam, the sweetness of which is emphasized by vanilla cream. The main notes are dominated by gentle rose chords together with jasmine and musk. The tones of cedar are beautifully complemented by the aroma of honey. Alcohol-free, made from natural aromatic oils and extracts. Can be used directly on the skin or mixed with other perfumes.

25ml / 0.85 oz Pure Concentrated Oil - Alcohol Free - Attar / Itr Perfume

About Hamidi Oud & Perfumes

Derived by the word ‘Hamid’, Hamidi Oud & Perfumes has decades of expertise in manufacturing some of the most intricate and exquisite Oriental fragrances. This brand is dedicated to oriental perfumery and appeals to the modern enthusiast who is deeply intrigued by the mysticism of Arabic perfumery and traditional values. Products include a wide range of Pure Dehn El Ouds, a variety of Agarwoods and Mukhalats, concentrated perfume oils, water perfumes, deodorants, burning essences and air fresheners. Further the brand classifies into sub brands – Tayyib, Deluxe Collection and Feah.

Hamidi oud and perfumes showcases the finest oriental fragrances presented in ornate bottles and spectacular packaging. A selection that celebrates the beauty of Arabic culture and heritage and caters to an infinite group of individuals.


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