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Into The Qur'an - Let it Enrich Your Soul & Life

Code   RP26
ISBN     9786035013185
Into The Qur'an - Let it Enrich Your Soul & Life

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Author Sadaf Farooqi
Binding Hardback
Pages 415
Size in Inches 6x8.75x0.90
Size in CM 15x22x2.4
Edition 1st (2017)
Weight (lbs) 1.34

Do you feel unable to give sufficient time to the Quran?

Do you recite the Qur'an regularly but find that you're not applying it in your daily living?

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationship with the Qur'an?

If yes, then this book is definitely for you!

Beautifully written, straight from the author's heart, Into the Quran, offers comprehensive and inspiring reminders about commandments from the Qur'an and the Hadith, in a way that you can apply to everyday life. Sadaf Farooqi urges you to study the Qur'an and then implement its teachings, regardless of personal whims and desires or traditional customs and practices.

The author has compiled the results of "…her soul-searching quests into the glorious Qur'an, the lessons she extracted, and the insights she gleaned from reciting its verses." She shares how these reflections helped her relate to and overcome numerous practical challenges. As you study more about and delve deeper into the Quran, your relationship with it will improve by leaps and bounds, Allah willing.

About the Author

Sadaf Farooqi, a Pakistan-based freelance writer studied the Qur'an and the Sunnah at Al-Huda International Institute of Islamic Education for Women. She is also a passionate homeschooling parent of three children.

Sadaf has a global readership that gravitates towards the advice that she gives in the signature self-help niches pertaining to matters faced by the modern-day Muslim, such as singledom, marriage, Islamic parenting, traditional education vs homeschooling, and cultural conformity vs enlightened religiosity.

Her books provide practical, simply-worded tips and tricks on not just surviving, but thriving, struggling, growing, and, ultimately, conquering and succeeding as a well-informed, street-smart, unapologetic and conscientious Muslim, who proactively self-identifies with Islam in the current tech-driven, incessantly remotely-connected, ethnically diverse and globally dynamic “virtual village” that is the modern world.

Those of her books that are not directly about Muslim family matters, provide guidance on spiritual self-development and the performance of acts of worship, in addition to encouraging in-depth analysis and reflection upon the meanings of the Holy Qur’an on a personal level.


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