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EmanRush Zone | The Day We Lost Our Masjid (CD)

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EmanRush Zone | The Day We Lost Our Masjid (CD)

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Author Muhammad al-Shareef
Format Audio CD
Length (min) 68
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The EmanRush Zone

Have you ever wondered how basketball players break winning records no one had ever imagined could be achieved? This phenomenon has often been described as athletes performing in the 'Zone'. Yes! We, as Muslims, experience this with our Eman! For instance, in one narration, Rasul Allah (sal Allahu 'alayhiwasallam) ran forward in the battle of Hunayn in the midst of those who turned away from the battlefield. Also, in one story of Khalid Ibn Waleed, we learn that he and his men traveled through rough terrain on horseback and crossed a massive river in a matter of days just in time to defeat the enemy!

Muhammad Alshareef described this state of mind and heart as 'The EmanRush Zone'?

In this lecture, Muhammad Alshareef, discusses the importance of why we must all experience an Eman Rush, and that we must all be in the EmanRush (Zone? upon during our last breath in order to say the testimony of faith (shahada). Muhammad Alshareef mentions the four stages of an Eman Rush as well as the two types of people who will experience the EmanRush Zone; those who are completely away from Allah and returns to Allah, and those who are completely close to Allah.

The Day We Lost Our Masjid

In this Khutbah, Muhammad Alshareef discusses the Rights of the Masjid upon us Muslims. Aside from the Masjid being the place of worship, he discusses the importance of the Masjid in our lives such as the Masjid as a shelter for the weak and traveling as well as a place for educating both the young and old.


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