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The Four Principles (3 CDs)
  • The Four Principles (3 CDs)
  • The Four Principles (3 CDs)

The Four Principles (3 CDs)

Code   MQ22
ISBN     9781591441120 (1591441129)
$12.95 $17.95
The Four Principles (3 CDs)
The Four Principles (3 CDs)
$12.95 $17.95

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Author Navaid Aziz
Format Audio CD
Weight (lbs) 0.30

The 4 Principles is based on a classical Arabic treatise entitled "Al Qawaid Al-Arbaa". This presentation is about the four principles of shirk. By becoming familiar with these principles the listener can increase his or her awareness of shirk and its many hidden branches. With this valuable information, one could better safeguard himself from falling into this grave error of shirk. This lecture could easily be placed in one's collection of material related to Tawheed and basics of Aqeedah or belief.

Navaid Aziz was born in Montreal, Canada. He finished his high school with honors from Centennial Regional High School. He then graduated from Champlain College in Commerce and Social Sciences. He completed his diploma in Arabic in Madina from 2000-2003, after which he has been pursuing his second year of the Sharee'ah faculty. Some of his close teachers have been Sh. Yasir Qadhi and Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, as well as other illustrious personalities in Madina.


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