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Interaction with the Scholars

Code   RA12
ISBN     9780977058198 (977058190)
Interaction with the Scholars

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Author Muhammad bin Umar bin Saalim Baazmool
Binding Paperback
Pages 160
Size in Inches 6x9
Size in CM 15x23
Edition 1st - March 2011
Weight (lbs) 0.5

From the Foreword

To proceed: Verily, the most truthful speech is the Speech of Allaah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad 'alayi was salaat was salaam. The worst of affairs are the newly invented matters. Every newly invented matter is an innovation, every innovation is misguidance, and all misguidance is in the Hellfire.

To proceed: I have entitled this book Interaction with the Scholars. I have divided it into five chapters, and I have presented an introduction in the beginning and an epilogue in the end. The sections are as follows.

  • The Introduction: Defining Those in Authority and the Categories of the Scholars
  • Chapter One: The Description of the Scholar
  • Chapter Two: The Virtues of the Scholars
  • Chapter Three: Having Etiquette with the Scholars
  • Chapter Four: The Rights of the Scholars
  • Chapter Five: The Harms of Neglecting the Rights of the Scholars
  • Epilogue: An Encouragement of Having Strict Adherence to the Scholars

We ask Allaah, The Exalted for success, guidance, direction, and correctness.


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