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Heroes of Islam

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ISBN     9789960897257 (9960897257)
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Heroes of Islam

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Author Prof. Muhammad Esma'il Sieny
Binding Hardback
Pages 324
Size in Inches 6x9
Size in CM 15x22
Weight (lbs) 1.04

This book presents the glimpses of the lives of some of the greatest heroes and role models of Islam. It covers the four righteous caliphs, 47 male and female companions of the Prophet, 8 followers of the companions, 6 religious scholars, 7 reformers, and 7 scientists.

Publishers Note

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon the greatest of the Prophets and Messengers - our Prophet Muhammad - and upon his Family and all of his Companions.

One of the important factors in the development and behaviors of the societies of the world today is the impact of role models. Now, more than ever, role models are affecting the lives of all races and classes of people around the world. Because of mediums such as television, radio, telephone and the internet, many role models, such as movie stars, athletes, musicians and politicians, have become quite popular around the world.

However, such role models do not necessarily represent the ideal style of life, practices and beliefs that are wanted for the Muslim. When Muslims look up to sinful or disbelieving people who have been portrayed in the media to be successful and famous, they began to feel inferior to them. Satan may even deceive them into feeling that the reason for the non-Muslims' worldly success is their following of ways other than Islam.

For this reason, Darussalam has brought to life in this work the stories of some of the greatest heroes and role models of Islam. In this way we serve the cause of increasing the Muslims' conviction to their faith. The efforts and sacrifices of these people for the sake of Allah's religion will show us who we are and what we really are capable of when we have strong belief in Allah.

We thank Mr. Sidheeque M.A. Veliankode, a member of the Research Division of Darussalam for his diligent effort in publishing this work.

Heroes and Heroism

Every nation has its own heroes. Some are real while others are mythical. These heroes are sources of admiration, and even adoration by certain communities. In enlightened societies real heroes may be models for emulation. But who is a real hero? He is a person usually admired or respected for special qualities he is endowed with or for certain acts of bravery and chivalry.

Heroes of Islam

Muslims have no need to look for fictitious or mythical heroes, because their history is abundant with heroes of real flesh and blood, whose acts were heroic because of their faith, and a consequence of their attitude to life and the world. For all the heroes of Islam share two very special traits: full conviction and dedication to their pristine faith and constant attempt to seek the Pleasure of their Creator, Allah, alone, regardless of the circumstances and times they live in. For a Muslim hero, be he a military genius, a scholar teacher, or a devout common person, knows that the transient life in this world is a means to the eternal life in the Hereafter, and that ephemeral pains and pleasures are nothing compared to the everlasting pains and pleasures of Hell and Heaven. To this hero, the key to the whole thing is Divine Pleasure. Through it alone can a person enjoy peace and tranquility in this world and attain real happiness in the life Hereafter.

The Prophet (salla-Liaahu 'alayhi wa-sallam) is reported to have said: "Strange is the case of the believer. Everything turns to his advantage only. If adversity befalls him he patiently accepts it, and is rewarded for it. If prosperity happens to him he shows gratitude to his Lord (in word and action), and is rewarded for it." So a hero of Islam faces both prosperity and adversity with the right attitude and action. His goal is not worldly pleasures and gains, but rather the Pleasure of Allah.

Purpose of this Book

In this book we will try to present glimpses of the lives of a few heroes of Islam. But they all exhibit that special quality and trait of a Muslim hero. It is my hope that the reader will find actual examples of qualities we all need to instill in ourselves and our dear ones so that Muslims may once again take their proper place and play their vital role in human civilization and history.

Mahmoud Esma'il Sieny, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Linguistics

I love it
rating 5
I love it
Heroes of Islam
rating 5
Alhamdulillah Maa'sha'Allah. I enjoy reading this book. I believe it should be in everyone's library no matter who you are. The people described in this book, shows us how to be good human beings and that changes in oneself are not impossible. To broaden when scope on things and get better understanding about others is the key to having a successful , blessed life. Great book for the whole family. Thesebare examples of good character, morals, motivation, determination, humbleness, steadfastness etc. I can go on and on. Thanks!
rating 5
Fast shipping! Thank you!
Mahshallah truely inspirational!
rating 5
Mahshallah truly inspirational! Not only warriors of Islam, but also inspirational scientists, leaders and scholars! This will inspire you inshallah!
Great compact compilation
rating 5
I read this on my trip to Dublin recently, masha Allah. With each new chapter you feel like this is your favorite Sahabi, and then you read the next and they become your favorite, masha Allah. This is a great compact compilation of the pious predecessors whom we all should want to know and love. Great way to peak the interest of the youth, insha Allah. Masha Allah.


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