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Qur'an Itself Carries Clear Evidence of Divine Origin, The

Code   193
ISBN     9789960732602 (9960732606)
Qur'an Itself Carries Clear Evidence of Divine Origin, The

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Author Fahmeeda Hameed
Binding Paperback
Pages 82
Size in Inches 5.5x8
Size in CM 14x20
Edition 5-Jun
Weight (lbs) 0.25

"Muhammad was not the founder of Islam; he did not start a new religion. Like his prophetic predecessors, he came as a religious reformer. Muhammad maintained that he did not bring a new message from a new God but called people back to the one, true God ...
- John L. Esposito, ISLAM The Straight Path, p. 15.

"I am not a Muslim in the usual sense, though I hope I am a 'Muslim' as 'one surrendered to God' but I believe that embedded in the Qur'an and other expressions` of the Islamic vision are vast stores of divine truth from which I and other occidentals have still much to learn....Islam is certainly a contender for the supplying of the basic framework of the one religion of the future. "
Montgomery Watt, Islam and Christianity Today, p. ix.


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