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Which Way to Paradise?

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ISBN     9786035011877
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Which Way to Paradise?
$13.95 $15.95

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Subtitle A Guide to Islam for Beginner & Intermediate Muslims
Author K. Sherman
Binding Hardback
Pages 256
Size in Inches 6x8.7
Size in CM 15x22
Edition 1st (2012)
Weight (lbs) 0.92

This book seeks to elucidate Islamic principles and injunctions and elaborate on the very spirit of Islam, while at the same time exposing and refuting common misconceptions about the religion. In an engaging Q&A format, K. Sherman leads the readers on an uplifting journey through Islam, guiding them along the path towards the eternal reward of paradise.

Addressing a wide range of modern and traditional issues, the book covers basic inquiries about the five pillars and the Qur'an; spiritual questions such as repentance, supplication, remembrance of Allah, asceticism and the meaning of a 'sound heart'; characteristics of Prophet Muhammad; relationships with friends and family; women in Islam; contemporary topics including insurance and modern psychiatry, commentary on selected Qur'anic verses and sayings of Prophet Muhammad; and responses to myths about Islam.

About the author
K. Sherman
, a native of New York, resided in the United States until her third year of college. After accepting Islam, she traveled abroad and has remained there ever since. As a mother of four, she is grateful that her children will never have to face the challenges she did: namely, growing up without guidance. Ms. Sherman recalls her high school English teacher's advice: "You write best when you write about matters close to your heart." Her first book, Why Islam?, is also published by IIPH. The author encourages interested readers to write to her via the publisher.


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