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Nourishment of The Hearts & Relief of Sorrows

Code   RB38
ISBN     9781792373695
Nourishment of The Hearts & Relief of Sorrows

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Author Shaykh Faisal Ibn Abdul ‘Aziz Aal Mubarak
Translator Abu Ahmed Ayub Elkins
Binding Paperback
Pages 84
Size in Inches 6x9x0.30
Size in CM 15x23x0.6
Edition 1st (March 2011)
Weight (lbs) 0.32

It's about the wellness of the heart of humans. We have seen that God is bountiful in his mercy. He has provided for our needs and renewed our strength. We have also seen that GOD is the only source of salvation for man. The Spirit of God has regenerated the heart of man, and made him a new creature in Christ Jesus; so that this new nature, renewed by the Spirit of God, works together with the old nature to make up a whole being.

Ibnul QayyimI said, “…and there are more than one hundred benefits in the remembrance of Allah: it drives away the Shaytaan and is pleasing to the Most Merciful, it removes sorrow and worry and brings about joy and happiness, and strengthens the heart and the body, and it illuminates the face and the heart, and brings about provisions, and covers the good and the bad, and brings about love and mindfulness of Allah, so one worships Allah as if he can see Him, and brings about reliance upon Allah and closeness to Him, and it is the nourishment of the heart and soul.

Nourished With Blessings:

The same blessing which supplies our daily wants is food supplies our deepest wants comfort, joy, and peace. This blessed truth cannot be too often repeated


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