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Stories of Repentance

Code   182
ISBN     9789960899879 (996089987X)
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Stories of Repentance

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Author Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri
Binding Hardback
Pages 127
Size in Inches 6x9
Size in CM 15x22
Edition 1st (June 2004)
Weight (lbs) 0.66

Who among us does not sin? And who among us does all that is required of him in the religion?

It is an undeniable fact that we all have shortcomings; what distinguishes some of us from the others, what raises some of us above the others, is that the successful ones among us are those who repent their sins and ask Allah to forgive them.

It is truly encouraging to know that the door to repentance is always open. Glad tidings, then, to every Muslim who constantly and consistently hastens to repent to Allah and to ask for His forgiveness.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Mercy of Allah
  • The Messenger (S) Attested to His Sincerity
  • The Close Link Between Repentance and Worldly Blessings
  • Woe Unto You, O Dinar
  • Coming To Terms With The Reality Of Life
  • You Have Guided Me To A Path That You Know Not Yourselves
  • What I Want Is Life That Is Not Ended By Death
  • The True Treasure
  • The Accepted Repentance
  • Good Advice
  • Good Deeds Actually Remove Evil Deeds
  • The Grave Of A Righteous Man
  • Mercy And Forgiveness For The One Who Repents
  • Everything That Is Going To Happen Is Near At Hand
  • Let Us Hasten To Repent
  • If You Really Want To Disobey Allah
  • The Lingering Pain Of Sinning
  • The Integrity of Fudail bin 'Iyad (R)
  • Death Is Better Than Allah's Punishment
  • The Evil, Long-Term Effects Of Sinning...
    Yet There Is Hope Until The Very End
  • The Noble Quran
  • A Tongue That Remains Moist With The Remembrance
    Of Allah (A)
  • Race Towards Repentance!
  • The Ever-Living Never Sleeps
  • The Reality Of Our Existence
  • Can Even I Repent?
  • It Was Because Of Their Repentance That They Were Saved
  • The Repentance Of Ka'b bin Malik (R)
  • Repent Throughout The Day
  • When I Die
  • The Sinner Who Constantly Repents
  • Whoever Wants To Repent
  • He (R) Brought Me To Them So That I Can Reform My Character
  • Old Age
  • The Hallmarks Of A Sincere Repentance
  • My Lord, Here Is My Forelock In Your Hand
  • Constantly Sinning And Constantly Repenting
  • The Advice Of Khidr (A)
  • The Advice Of Al-Hasan
  • The Covering Of Sins
  • A Similar Text To The Last One
  • You Have Indeed Been Forgiven
  • A Similar Text To The Previous One
  • Important Points Concerning Repentance That We Must Understand
  • Repentance Is Sweet
  • It Is Indeed You Who Are The Rider, And I Who Am The Foot-Traveler
  • Then How Will You Withstand The Fire Of The Hereafter!
  • O Wretched Man!
  • By Allah, I Will Leap Up On Them In Paradise
  • Safety...Safety!
  • Silah
  • How Wuhaib Repented
  • The Blessing Of Repentance... Or The Blessing Of Richness
  • A Visit To The Graveyard
  • The Repentance Of Nuh (Noah) (A)
  • A Heavy Burden
  • The Ranking Of A Person Who Repents
  • An Effective, Though Difficult, Way Of Fighting Off Temptation
  • A Repentance That Involved Losing His Leg
  • The Repentance Of Barkh
  • A Repentant Journey To The City Of The Righteous
  • The Thief Of The Children Of Israel
  • Be Pleased With Me
  • How To Ward Off The Evils Of Wealth
Customer Review
rating 5
A beautiful book on the act of repentance. The compilation stretches from hadiths to stories to commonly heard encounters. One con noted in the compilation is that some of the stories are not referenced... but reading it for the content suffices the need for references as the theme is common throughout. How can one change their ways, their actions and their heart, Can be seen in this book. The author states in the introduction that Allah's Vastness in Forgiveness of his creation is limitless, major to the minor sins. The key is not to lose hope in Allah, as he is All-Hearing All-Knowing. Each one of us has a personal link with Allah, as He knows everything we do on a daily bases. The choices we make, the turns we take in line all know to Him as He is closer to us than our jugular vain. Our creator is right next to us every second of the day, thus making a prayer any time anywhere will be heard and will be recorded and Allah SWT will relate to us on The Day that pray, thus the doors to forgiveness are always open. It's the human will to bend and restrain and realize and submit and stand up to our faults that adds the final caveat to receiving Allah's Mercy. The stories present examples from simple prayers to actions of repentance to practice into a life of Zuhud. Each story creates a frame work to the vastness of Allah's Forgiveness to his creation, opening up windows to realization of one's sin[s]. the actions of the participants give us a repertoire of tools to adhere to if and when we come across such situation in our life and to reflect on our sins of the past and to ask forgiveness, as asking forgiveness is our evidence to our regret towards our sin[s]. The one thing to watch out for is the mistake that Allah SWT will forgive our sins no matter what! All we need to do is ask forgiveness and that's it… which could lead us into an error in itself. The author does emphasize this in the introduction as only Allah SWT knows whose repentance was accepted! To the Thamud People [We sent] Salih, one of their own brethren. He said: 'O my people! Worship Allah: ye have no other god but Him. It is He Who hath produced you from the earth and settled you therein: then ask forgiveness of Him, and turn to Him [in repentance]: for my Lord is [always] near, ready to answer.' Surat Hud, 11:61


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