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Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People

Code   184
ISBN     9789960899084
Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People

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Author Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi
Binding Hardback
Pages 152
Size in Inches 6x9
Size in CM 15x22
Edition 1st (May 2004)
Weight (lbs) 0.75

In this book the highlights of the teachings of Islam have been presented through the glimpses of the lives of the righteous people who came before us and became the examples of religious enlightenment and excellence in the sincerity of faith and worship of Allah.

In our learning process, we come across sermons, admonitions, advices and stories based on the lives of righteous people... and these are the ones that interest us more and produce deep-rooted effects in our minds that we long remember to get benefited from them. And it is in the same spirit of learning that this book is compiled with.

Publisher's Note

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest. Everyone has some goals, some ambitions and some desires about the life he wants to live.

Not each person is similar to other about the likes regarding the life. The environment, family values, knowledge, education and profession affect the mental attitude to form about life, resulting in the making of the temperament of the person. Then after his behavior is developed as how to live a life.

If a person has no type of mental bounds then he is apt to adopt free ways to acquire whatever his goals and ambitions are, and to fulfill his desires by all possible means no matter fair or unfair.

But the person who has some good knowledge about the reality of life, his attitude about life, and its goals and ambitions will be different and so will be the ways of fulfilling his desires. He will found himself bound to adopt only the fair and legal ways.

Islam has presented clear conceptions regarding life and death, likes and dislikes, forbidden and allowed, and things legal and illegal. Our pious Predecessors have tried their utmost to live life according to them. In this book, we
are presenting the glimpses of their lives so as to think over our conceptions of life and mend them accordingly to what is right. The contents of the book are interesting and motivating. We hope that people will get benefited from it.

Abdul-Malik Mujahid,
General Manager Darussalam, Riyadh

Table of Contents

  • Contents
  • Publisher's Note
  • Introduction
  • Sincere Advice
  • Al-Miski (The One Who Exuded A Good Odor)
  • Taking Forgiveness To The Next Level
  • Fear Of Allah
  • I Came To Steal From Him, But In The End, It Was
    He Who Stole Something From Me - My Heart"
  • Sound Advice From `Umar bin Al-Khattab (S)
  • `Umar's Fear Of Allah (R)
  • Repentance
  • A Few Glimpses Into The Life Of 'Ali bin Abu Talib (R)
  • Two Of 'Ali's Sermons
  • A Glimpse Into The Life Of `Abdullah bin Jahsh (R)
  • When The Prophet ( ) Told Him To, "Go Back," He Cried
  • The Disease And The Cure
  • `We Want What We Want, But Allah Brings About Only
    That Which He Wills'
  • What Did Your Lord Do With You?
  • Women Of This World Versus Women Of Paradise
  • Temptation
  • The Warning Of White Hair!
  • Whomsoever Allah Guides, None Can Lead Astray
  • Some Of The Miracles That, By The Permission Of Allah,
     Occurred To Some Of Allah's Righteous Slaves
  • Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (R)
  • Khubaib bin `Adi (R) And His Companions
  • Sa'd bin Abu Waqqas (R)
  • Said bin Zaid (R)
  • `Abdullah Al-Ansari (R)
  • `Amr bin Al-Jamuh (R) and `Abdullah bin `Amr Al Ansari
  • Usaid bin Hudair (R) and `Abbad bin Bishr (R)
  • At-Tufail bin `Amr (R)
  • Yazid bin Al-Aswad
  • Tamim Ad-Dari (R)
  • Allah (A) Brought Life Back To His Mount For Him
  • Al-`Ala' bin Al-Hadrami
  • Another Man Who Rode With His Horse Over The Surface Of The Sea
  • Shaiban Ar-Rd'i
  • Usaid bin Hudair (R)
  • `Imran bin Husain (R)
  • Salman (R) and Abu Ad-Darda (R)
  • AI-Bari' bin Malik (R)
  • `Umar bin Al-Khattab (R)
  • Az-Zinneerah (R)
  • `Amir bin `Abd-Qais
  • Al-Hasan Al-Basri (R)
  • Said bin Al-Musayyib
  • `The Supplication Of Said killed Me; Whenever I Try To
    Sleep, He Holds Me By The Leg'
  • `I Am Invited By One Who Is Better Than You'
  • A Sermon From The Dying To The Living!
  • One Of Al-Hasan Al-Basri's Sermons
  • This Is True Fear
  • The Dirt On The Ground Said
  • Repentance
  • "If You Want To Learn An Important Lesson, Or To Be
    On The Receiving End Of A Profound Admonition, Then
    Look Within Yourself"
  • Wahb bin Munabbih

The Sermons, Admonitions, And Wise Sayings Of The
Righteous When They Were On Their Death beds

  • Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (R)
  • `Umar bin Al-Khattab (R)
  • `Uthman bin `Affan (R)
  • 'Ali bin Abu Tilib (R)
  • Salman Al-Farisi (R)
  • Sa'd bin Abu Waqqas (R)
  • Mu'ddh bin Jabal (R)
  • Abu Bakrah Nufai' bin Al-Harith (R)
  • Abu Ad-Darda (R)
Ibn `Umar (R) Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari (R) Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan (R) `Umar bin `Abdul-`Aziz (R) Harun Ar-Rashid `Abdullah bin Al-Mubarak Muhammad bin Wasi Ibrahim An-Nakha'i Bilil bin Rabah (R) Ibn Al-Munkadir `Amir bin `Abd-Qais Al-Fudail bin `Iyad One Good Deed Led To His Repentance The Crying Of Righteous People When They Recite The Qur'an `Umar bin `Abdul-`Aziz (R) The Fear Of Not Having One's Good Deeds Accepted Salman (R) With Those Who Cry Who Did You Kill? What Kind Of Slaves Are You? The Grave Of A Righteous Man Conclusion


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