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Abdullah bin Umar (R) The Jurist

Code   122
ISBN     9786035002950
Abdullah bin Umar (R) The Jurist

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Author Abdul Basit Ahmad
Binding Paperback
Pages 63
Size in Inches 6.5x9.25x0.2
Size in CM 16.52x3.5x0.5
Edition 2014
Format Color
Weight (lbs) 0.38

Certain youth had the fortunate opportunity of being raised in the city of Al-Madinah during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (S). They witnessed Islam grow from its first days and were instilled with strong faith at very young ages. One of these auspicious personalities was Abdullah bin 'Umar (R) the son of 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (R). His close accompanying of the Prophet and memorization of the Prophet's sayings and actions eventually led to his attainment of great scholarship, even amongst the Prophet's Companions. In these pages you will read the amazing saga of Abdullah bin 'Umar's life amongst Allah's chosen party of believers.

Old ISBN: 9789960861128


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