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Water Perfume: Natural Amber (100ml)
  • Water Perfume: Natural Amber (100ml)

Water Perfume: Natural Amber (100ml)

Code   G131
ISBN     6294015119473 (4-01-511947-9)
Water Perfume: Natural Amber (100ml)
Water Perfume: Natural Amber (100ml)

Available Quantity: 4


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Size in Inches 2x7x2
Size in CM 5x18x5
Weight (lbs) 0.68

Natural Amber water perfume formula contains natural extracts that softly kisses and refreshes your skin all day for a long-lasting fragrance experience. Made by Hamidi. 100ml / 3.40 oz Water Perfume - Free from Alcohol. Shake well before using.

About Hamidi Oud & Perfumes

Derived by the word ‘Hamid’, Hamidi Oud & Perfumes has decades of expertise in manufacturing some of the most intricate and exquisite Oriental fragrances. This brand is dedicated to oriental perfumery and appeals to the modern enthusiast who is deeply intrigued by the mysticism of Arabic perfumery and traditional values. Products include a wide range of Pure Dehn El Ouds, a variety of Agarwoods and Mukhalats, concentrated perfume oils, water perfumes, deodorants, burning essences and air fresheners. Further the brand classifies into sub brands – Tayyib, Deluxe Collection and Feah.

Hamidi oud and perfumes showcases the finest oriental fragrances presented in ornate bottles and spectacular packaging. A selection that celebrates the beauty of Arabic culture and heritage and caters to an infinite group of individuals.


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