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The Sīrah of the Prophet (S)

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ISBN     9780860378730
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The Sīrah of the Prophet (S)
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Author Yasir Qadhi
Binding Paperback
Pages 512
Size in Inches 6.6x9.5x1.6
Size in CM 17x24x4
Edition 1st (July 25, 2023)
Weight (lbs) 1.94

Following Dr Yasir Qadhi’s ground-breaking video lecture series on the sīrah/sirah (biography) of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, this book is an equally impactful written adaptation. It provides a refreshing insight into the life of the Final Messenger and contextualizes the seerah in the modern-day context. It is not just a chronological account but also offers beneficial and actionable lessons, relating the biography of the Prophet (PBUH) to our daily lives.

This book includes sections on the introduction to the Prophet SAW, setting the scene of his life, as well as his early life starting from birth to childhood and early adulthood. There are also sections about the Meccan Era and Medinan Era. These sections discuss topics such as early Islam, Emigration to Abyssinia, The Year of Sorrow, The Night Journey & Ascension (Al-Isra Wa Al-Miraj), the Battle of Badr, the Battle of Uhud, the Conquest of Mecca and the Battles of Khaybar and Mu'tah and more! Readers will learn about the Prophet SAW's life and understand how we can apply them to today's world. 

Sirah of prophet
rating 5
Writer is Allah s gift to us may Allah bless him with long life and happiness Ameen


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