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What did Jesus Really Say?

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ISBN     9789675699238 (967569923X)
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What did Jesus Really Say?

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Author Misha'al ibn Abdullah Al-Kadhi
Binding Paperback
Pages 426
Size in Inches 5.5x8.5x1
Size in CM 14x21.5x2.5
Edition 2nd (2015)
Weight (lbs) 1.50

Note: This book is currently out of print as of 6/2010. We don't know if and when it may be reprinted.

The book contains detailed information and descriptions that show how the Bible was changed and tampered with over the past two millennia. The account and the discussions presented are based on, and collected from, the writings of Christian authors, the Church and the Bible. The book:

- Shows the historical sequence of who tampered and changed the Bible, why and how.

- Demonstrates how Prophet Jesus, alayhes sallam, never told in anyone in the Bible "worship me." or "I am a god."

- Demonstrates how the Bible to this day does not contain a single verse which claims that God is a "Trinity" or three-in-one.

- Shows how both the Old and New Testament repeatedly emphasized to mankind that God is ONE and commanded them to worship only one God.

- Shows how Jesus, alayhes sallam, repeatedly told mankind to worship "the Father" and to worship "the Father and son."

- Shows how Jesus' people repeatedly refer to him in the Bible as "A Prophet."

- Shows how Jesus and Moses, alayhemas sallam, both made many prophesies of the last messenger. These prophesies have been shown to be impossible to apply to anyone but him. There are over ten such detailed prophesies.

- Shows how the Dead Sea Scrolls which were recently discovered in Palestine in 1947 and which were written by the Jews who were waiting for the coming of Jesus, alayhes sallam, clearly state that they were not waiting for one, but two prophets. The first would be announced by an eschatological prophet (John the Baptist). This statement is repeated throughout the scrolls.

If you want the truth about Christianity you must read this book. This book also is an excellent dawah gift to Christians.

Very good for Christians!
rating 5
I think they're stopping publication of this book which is a real shame.
All around good
rating 5
No deep input right now I'm still going through the book But so far so good
Customer Review
rating 5
This is a great book and I am hoping, insh llah to give this and a Quran to my physician who keeps asking questions about Islam.
Customer Review
rating 5
Very good book, well written and interesting.


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