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40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning

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ISBN     9780996519250
40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning

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Subtitle أربعون حديثا في المال والتكسب
Author Joe W. Bradford
Binding Paperback
Pages 91
Size in Inches 6x9x0.25
Size in CM 15x23x0.75
Edition 1st (2022)
Weight (lbs) 0.32

40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning by Imam Joe W. Bradford is a collection of hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) focused on the themes of wealth, earning, and financial ethics in Islam. Joe W. Bradford, an expert in Islamic finance and law, provides insights and commentary on these hadiths to help readers understand the Islamic perspective on financial matters. Here are some key features and themes of the book:

  1. Focus on Wealth and Earning: The book compiles 40 hadiths that specifically address issues related to wealth, earning, and financial transactions. These hadiths provide guidance on how to manage wealth in a way that is ethical and pleasing to Allah.

  2. Islamic Financial Ethics: Joe W. Bradford explores the ethical principles that underpin Islamic finance. He explains how the hadiths encourage honesty, fairness, and integrity in financial dealings.

  3. Commentary and Explanation: Each hadith is accompanied by Bradford's commentary and explanation, making the teachings accessible and relevant to contemporary readers. His insights help to contextualize the hadiths in modern financial practices.

  4. Practical Applications: The book provides practical advice on how to apply the teachings of the hadiths in everyday financial decisions. This includes guidance on earning a lawful income, spending wisely, and avoiding prohibited financial activities such as riba (usury).

  5. Spiritual Perspective: Beyond financial ethics, the book emphasizes the spiritual aspects of wealth and earning. It highlights the importance of gratitude, charity, and reliance on Allah in all financial matters.

  6. Educational Tool: "40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning" serves as an educational resource for both individuals and institutions. It can be used in study circles, financial literacy programs, and personal development courses to promote ethical financial behavior.

  7. Comprehensive Approach: The book covers a wide range of topics related to wealth and earning, including business ethics, investment principles, charitable giving, and economic justice.

  8. Bilingual Presentation: The hadiths are presented in both Arabic and English, allowing readers to appreciate the original text while benefiting from the translated explanations.

"40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning" by Joe W. Bradford is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the Islamic principles of finance and economics. It provides a comprehensive and practical guide to managing wealth in accordance with Islamic teachings.


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