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The Book Marriage (Part 1)

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ISBN     9781635875102
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The Book Marriage (Part 1)

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Subtitle The Book of Marriage from the Explanation of Bulugh al Maram Part One (1)
Author Shaykh Muhammad ibn saalih Al-Uthaymeen
Binding Paperback
Pages 304
Size in Inches 6x9x0.75
Size in CM 15x23x2
Edition 1st (2017)
Weight (lbs) 1.02

Abū Hurayrah (May Allāh be pleased with him) reported the Prophet (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace) said, “A woman is married for four reasons: for her wealth, for her class, for her beauty, or her piety. Select the pious, may your hand be rubbed in the dust!” In this Ḥadīth, this is a reference that men’s most desirable marriage purposes revolve around these four: wealth, class, beauty, and piety. There are some benefits in this Ḥadīth: There is no problem if anyone marries a woman for her wealth because the Prophet (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace) approves this, but he urges to marry the religious woman. There is no problem if the man marries a woman for her class to upgrade himself and his children.

The woman can be married for her beauty. So, there is no problem if she is married for her beauty. Maybe the man likes beauty and cannot stand looking at a woman who is not as men are so different in this respect. A woman may be married for her piety even if this is the only purpose. The best one of these purposes is to marry a woman for her piety as he (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace) said, “Select the pious, may your hand be rubbed in the dust.” Everyone should follow the Prophet’s advice. However, nowadays, most people marry a woman for her beauty and others for her wealth and class. Are these the only purposes? No, the proof is in the Ḥadīth mentioned above, “Marry the one who is fertile and loving.”

"The Book of Marriage from the Explanation of Bulugh al Maram Part One (1)" by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen is an in-depth commentary on the chapters of marriage from the classical hadith collection, "Bulugh al-Maram" by Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen, a renowned Islamic scholar, provides detailed explanations and insights into the hadiths related to marriage, offering valuable guidance for Muslims seeking to understand and implement Islamic teachings in their marital lives. Here are some key features and themes of the book:

  1. Comprehensive Commentary: Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen provides a thorough explanation of the hadiths compiled in the chapters of marriage in "Bulugh al-Maram." His commentary clarifies the meanings and implications of each hadith.

  2. Islamic Legal Rulings: The book discusses various legal rulings related to marriage, such as the requirements for a valid marriage contract, the rights and responsibilities of spouses, and the conditions for permissible marriage.

  3. Practical Guidance: Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen offers practical advice for Muslims on how to conduct their marital relationships in accordance with Islamic principles. This includes guidance on choosing a spouse, conducting the marriage ceremony, and maintaining a harmonious relationship.

  4. Qur'anic References: The explanations are supported by references to relevant Qur'anic verses, providing a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings on marriage.

  5. Addressing Contemporary Issues: The book addresses contemporary issues and challenges faced by Muslim couples, offering solutions based on the principles of Sharia (Islamic law).

  6. Educational Resource: This book serves as an educational resource for students of Islamic knowledge, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding the Islamic perspective on marriage. It can be used in study circles, Islamic schools, and personal study.

  7. Authenticity and Scholarship: Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen is known for his deep knowledge and scholarship. His explanations are based on authentic sources and traditional Islamic scholarship.

  8. Focus on Morality and Ethics: The book emphasizes the importance of morality and ethics in marital relationships, highlighting the spiritual and moral dimensions of marriage in Islam.

"The Book of Marriage from the Explanation of Bulugh al Maram Part One (1)" by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen is an essential resource for those seeking to understand Islamic rulings and guidance on marriage. It combines scholarly rigor with practical advice, making it a valuable addition to any Islamic library.

rating 5
Loved this book. Easy to read. Didn't have to pull out the dictionary because the other isn't trying to impress me with how smart he is. Uses authentic sources and cites them. Didn't want to put the book down. And just purchased the other four of this sames series "the Inevitable Journey"
Customer Review
rating 4
Very informative and easy to read. Didn't want to put down.
Customer Review
rating 5
There are some books in English on this topic which I came across but there not so authentic.Every hadith in this book is authentic.In my opinion this is probably one of the best books on this topic in the English language. I would highly recommend this book for everyone!!
Customer Review
rating 5
Al salamu alaikum, I haven't finished reading the book, but so far so beautiful.


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