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Fiqh al-Haya: The Islamic Concept of Modesty

Code   RP32
ISBN     9786035012720
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Fiqh al-Haya: The Islamic Concept of Modesty

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Author Muhammad Ismail al-Muqaddim
Binding Paperback
Pages 256
Size in Inches 6x8.75x0.60
Size in CM 15x22x1.5
Edition 1st (2015)
Weight (lbs) 0.94

A trademark quality of our religion, haya encapsulates the very spirit of Islam. It is a means for all human beings to become acquainted with themselves and their Lord, allowing them to join the highest ranks of humanity.

The Arabic term haya’, often translated simply as shyness, has a meaning that transcends modesty or shame; it is more than simply dignity or pride. It draws from the nectar of all these qualities, yet it is not blemished by even the slightest negative connotations that these terms may carry. Hayaa' is pristine and pure, and as flawless as faith, for hayâ’ and faith go together. The Prophet (sa) said:

“Hayaa' is from faith, and faith is in paradise.” (an authentic hadith recorded by Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, and Ibn Hibbân)

This in-depth study describes the various categories of hayâ’, provides examples of those who exemplified it, and warns of the consequences for those who reject it.

A good book
rating 4
I wish it were longer! Great if you have a family.
rating 5
Customer Review
rating 4
The name of the book should be the haram activities perform today!!! Almost the whole book it's about the activities that are consider haram and a breve list of the halal ways. I'm not saying that is a bad book, but I was expecting the complete book full of halal ways to please Allah swa and have fun in Dunia rather than a bunch of prohibitions that all pious Muslims are already aware. The options that the book gives are cool indeed, but personally I was expecting more. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM


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