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Urdu: Seerat Uthman Dhun-Noorayn (R)

Code   U88
ISBN     9786035000543 (6035000541)
Urdu: Seerat Uthman Dhun-Noorayn (R)

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Author Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi
Translator Mawlana Mohammad Uthman Munieb
Binding Hardback
Pages 796
Size in Inches 6x9x1.7
Size in CM 15x22x4
Edition 1ST - 1431 A.H / 2010
Weight (lbs) 2.22

کتاب مسلمانوں کے تیسرے خلیفہ برحق حضرت عثمان ﷺ کی اجلی سیرت کے مستند واقعات کا مرقع ہے ۔ حضرت عثمان ﷺ کی عظمتوں کا احاطہ نہیں کیا جاسکتا۔ وہ ذوالنورین تھے ۔ نا شرقرآن تھے ۔ سچائی اور سخادت کا مجسمہ تھے ۔ ان کے نورایمانی کی ضیا اور حیا ضرب المثل تھی ۔ ان کے عہد کی سپر پاور سلطنت روم کی فوجوں نے مسلمانوں پر بحری حملے کیے تو حضرت عثمان نے اپنا وقار ملحوظ رکھتے ہوۓ رومیوں کی جارحیت کا منہ توڑ جواب دیا۔ آپ پہلے مسلمان فرمانروا تھے جنھوں نے بحری بیڑا بنایا اور مجاہدین اسلام کوحکم دیا کہ سمندر کی موجوں اور باطل کی فوجوں کو روند ڈالو۔ مسلمان اس معرکے میں کامیاب رہے دولت کی بہتات انسان کو بلتی ہی نہیں بے نقاب بھی کر دی ہے ۔ حضرت عثمان ﷺ دولت کی آزمائش میں بھی سرخرور ہے۔ وہ نہ صرف ذاتی طور پر بہت امیر آدمی تھے بلکہ سرکاری سطح پر بھی ان کا عہد خلافت کی زبردست ریل پیل کا زمانہ تھا۔ حضرت عثمان نے مسلمانوں میں دولت کی منصفانہ تقسیم کی عدیم النظیر مثال قائم کر دی ، نکست خورده رومی اور ایرانی مسلمانوں کی یہ شان گوارا نہ کر سکے، انھوں نے عبداللہ بن سبا کے ساتھ مل کر عالم اسلام میں بغاوت کی آگ بھڑ کائی اورامیر المونین سیدنا عثمان بن عفان کو نہایت سفاکی سے شہید کر دیا۔ یہ تمام واقعات مستند حوالوں سے جاننے کے لیے یہ کتاب پڑھیے ۔ اس میں آپ کو اپنے روٹن ماضی کی جیتی جاگتی تصویر میں نظر آئیں گی۔

In this Urdu translation of this book, Dr. As-Sallabi presents the life of the third caliph of Islam, `Uthman ibn `Affan, and highlights his great achievements, as well as the issues and turmoil that he faced due to the hypocrisy movement that plagued the Muslim society. He also addresses the misrepresentations of `Uthmaan, fabricated by his enemies and detractors and perpetuated, inadvertently or otherwise, by writers and historians, as well as the activities of the hypocrites and the effort they put into fabricating these lies and causing division in the Ummah, the effects of which Muslims are still suffering today.

The study of history is of great importance, especially for Muslims who have been denied access to their heritage in many ways due to the upheavals that befell the Muslim world in recent decades and centuries, and due to tampering and insertions in their own books of history.

Usman ibn Affan was the fourth person to accept Islam upon the invitation of Abu Bakr As Siddique. Thus he learned with the Prophet from the very beginning of Islam and faced much prosecution at the hands of his family and clansmen. The Prophet (S) loved Usmaan so much that he gave two of his daughters in marriage to him, earning him the title Dhun-Noorayn (carrier of 2 lights). Prophet said after the death of his second wife that if he had a third daughter he would have given her to Osman as well. The Prophet gave glad tidings of paradise to Othman saying that whatever he does after today will not harm him.

During his caliphate, the Islamic empire spread far east into Azerbaijan and south into North Africa and Nubia to name a few. During this time there were many achievements made in the Islamic empire including many canals, guest houses at different waypoints, and the building of a much stronger Muslim army. He also established judicial and financial institutions to strengthen the Islamic empire. The last few years of his caliphate were however filled with great trials, which eventually led to his murder and division of the Muslim Ummah.


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