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More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night

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ISBN     9789960980171 (9960980170)
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More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night
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Author Khaalid Al-Husaynaan
Binding Hardback
Pages 128
Size in Inches 5.5x8x0.3
Size in CM 14x20
Edition Second, June 2006
Weight (lbs) 0.38

Large size of the book 'More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night'. Based on the Arabic Book 'Akthar min alf Sunnah fee-al-yawm wa al-laylah'.

Is it not amazing that in the course of a normal day, many of us are capable of practicing more than 1,000 Sunan? Surely, in clinging to the Sunnah is safety and security, as Imaam Maalik said:

"The Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah-whoever embarks on it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned."

This short booklet contains statements and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (S) that are performed in a typical day - how many of these are part of our daily lives?

This work is the English-language translation of the Arabic booklet, More Than 1,000 Sunan Every Day & Night, complied by Shaykh Khaalid Husaynaan. He is a contemporary student of knowledge of our time who is preoccupied with reviving and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S).

As described
rating 5
As described
Satisfied Customer
rating 5
A short book, very nice for learning sunnah acts. Well worth the purchase. Al Hamdu lillah.
rating 5
Full of good information.
rating 5
Good book!
rating 5
great book
1000 Sunnan
rating 5
A parfect gift for my son .
rating 5
Contains Dua's and actions
rating 4
MashaAllah!!! Very useful book. The fortress of the Muslim is a collection of sunnah and duaas whereas this book contains duaa and actions. The translator included the reference/source for each action/dua in the book. One can read from this book to give a khatira after congregational prayers to benefit brothers and sisters.
rating 5
I have another edition of this book, but itself it's brilliant. When you read it you really see how many sawab u can earn each day, and u miss them
Great daily reference
rating 5
Great for daily reference if you want to follow small and simple sunnahs by prophet. Pocket size, you can bring anywhere!


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