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First Steps to Understanding Arabic

Code   R13
ISBN     9780957653443
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First Steps to Understanding Arabic

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Author Hashim Mohamed
Binding Paperback
Pages 604
Size in Inches 6.59.5x1.25
Size in CM 16.5x24x3
Edition 1st (2021 - 2nd Print)
Format Full Color
Weight (lbs) 2.20

A novel and comprehensive introduction to Arabic, in English. Presented in an easy-to-understand and concise format to make acquiring Arabic straightforward. Rules are simplified and explained clearly with illustrated examples and ample exercises to consolidate understanding. 


  • Ample exercises to solidify understanding and develop accuracy in translating.
  • Short tables of essential vocabulary, reinforced across units.
  • Self-explanatory charts and tables to summarize key concepts
  • Six detailed units for beginners to progress to an intermediate level.

Designed for the syllabus at Al-Qalam Institute, this textbook supports acquiring strong foundations in the Arabic language.

Unit 1: Words
Unit 2: Sentences
Unit 3: Phrases
Unit 4: Pronouns
Unit 5: Nested Sentences
Unit 6: Joining Sentences Together

An shorter, concise version of this book, First Steps to Understanding Arabic (Abridged), can be found from the related items.

amazing book
rating 5
i struggled with arabic for years and this book has made me love the arabic language again
amazing book
rating 5
i struggled with arabic for years and this book has made me love the arabic language again

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