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Wooden Prayer Sutrah Stand

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Wooden Prayer Sutrah Stand

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Size in Inches 17.25x12x3.5
Size in CM 44x31x9

Handmade solid wood Sutrah with detachable base. Follow the sunnah and place in front of you when you pray salah. This Sutra stand is great for use in Masajid, office, home or any place you pray. Standing size is 17" tall with 5.5" width. Base is 12x3.5" (31x9cm). Ships with separate base which can be easily assembled. Buy multiple to donate to your local Masjid for sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity).

Placing a Sutrah while praying is confrirmed from the Sunnah in many hadith. For example: Abdur-Rahman ibn Abu Sa'id narrated that his father said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘When anyone of you performs prayer, let him pray facing towards a Sutrah, and let him get close to it, and not let anyone pass in front of him. If someone comes and wants to pass in front of him, let him fight him, for he is a Shaitan (Satan)." Sunan Ibn Majah 954 (Book 5, Hadith 152)

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